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 GNOMEDOME NOTES.....29.May.2000


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With Fathers Day fast approaching, here's a site for the kids to personalize something fer dear ole' dad!
Kid's Domain Father's Day:
Site features coloring pages, cards, gift ideas, games, etc. . .

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LINUX VERSION OF ILOVEYOU DISCOVERED: A version of the widely distributed Windows virus ILOVEYOU has been discovered circulating among Linux users. The virus works on the honor system. First you mail it to everyone you know. Then the recipient has to delete a bunch of random files: (Ain't that a beaut?!),10228,2566175,00.html Bob Jones    Wed. 24 May 2000

Davis Station Antarctica:
Greetings from Davis.
A very busy week Workwise. However, field trips, a Mafia night and nice sunsets made the week.

Rob Pile has rewired the incinerator after a burn out; Brendan Hill and Wally Owen are preparing all the walls for painting in the plumbing workshop; Brad French is pulling his hair out trying to solve the electrical stability problems in the powerhouse; Andrew Reid is busy with routine plumbing maintenance as well as keeping an eye on hydroponics and Dennis Cooper is overseeing all the jobs as well as trying to understand dropping flow meter readings.

Mechanics, Nic Jones and Brett Hill are servicing all the plant with the latest vehicles in the workshop being "Red Baron", the K12 Hagglunds and "White Ant", the D6 tractor. Brett also replaced the bearings on the walking machine in the gym. Peter Thompson is undertaking a stock take in the MPH, whilst Rob Sharp conducted the monthly medicals and organised some training for the theatre nurses and anaesthetic assistants. The Radio Techs are upgrading the Vista ANARESAT system but managed to corrupt some PIN numbers in the process. The problem was quickly identified and corrected.

With the good weather and stable sea-ice conditions several parties are utilising the few hours of daylight to visit the huts and to do some exploring. George Klich and Andrew Reid visited Bandits and Brookes huts while Darron Lehmann, Darren Harpur and Frederic Jobin visited Watts hut and explored Trajer ridge, lake Druzhby and Ellis fjord. Robin Tihema's party was curtailed yet again by a blizzard.

The Social Committee organised a Mafia night on Saturday. Many came dressed in black with guns and white ties but there was a "bottom of the harbour" victim also present. Mick Briscoe again excelled with a fine choice of Italian dishes for dinner. Frederic Jobin finished his week of slushy duties and we already miss his twisted bumper bar stickers. One that attracted my attention was "Mac, when will they learn". We now have to contend with Jack Gilbert's taste in music.

We have enjoyed some nice atmospheric effects with a solar pillar and sun dogs last Thursday; a bright orange sky lasting hours after sunset on Saturday and a big moon slowly setting into a pink sky. Blizzing On Wednesday.
Wally Owen and Mick Briscoe bottling a brew.
Ray Bajinskis and Darren Harpur at the Mafia night.
Quading on Long fjord.
Sun dogs. The sun is behind the signpost and the westerly dog behind Anchorage island. The easterly dog is obscured by the building.
Cheers from Davis.
Information relating to Davis Station is at:
All content and photos are property and Copyright of the Australian Antarctic Division.

Hey Davis.....have a great week and a safe one! As soon as my garden shows signs of life...I'll send ya some pics.

  • Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who donít vote...
Talk About Dumb..
A man on a bicycle approached three well-dressed men with what appeared to be a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. As the man demanded money, the three gentlemen--off-duty federal agents--drew their weapons and fired more than 20 shots. Along with the would-be robber, three cars, a truck, two homes, and an office building suffered bullet wounds. The injured suspect's weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. (Ya reckon' he fooled them fellars?!)

-- The Mountain Man        


Ridin' the Rails: Naugatuck Railroad:
They operate between Thomaston and the Waterville section of Waterbury, crossing Thomaston Dam enroute. The 18-mile roundtrip between Waterbury and Thomaston takes you past the industrial heritage of the area, through the beauty of the Mattatuck State Forest and the Litchfield Hills. The route follows the scenic Naugatuck River, crossing it three times.
Happy Railroadin' Partners.....have fun and enjoy!!! No better way to enjoy wildlife....nature....and just down right relaxin'!
  • The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because itís so rare...
Outdoor Adventure: Capulin Nation Monument, new Mexico:
Folks, me and The MountainGnome crew are takin' ya to Capulin Volcano! This volcano erupted about 60,000 years ago. It's a beautiful walk into and around the top of this volcano. From the top, you can see four states:New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma. For more information, click on the link above. Take the tour below!
  • I was thinking about how people read the Bible a whole lot more when they get older. Then it dawned on me - they were cramming for their finals!
Summer Adventure: Fishing Wyoming!
Milliron2 Outfitting We offer several choices for guided fly fishing trips. Fish from drift boats or float tubes on the Big Horn River, or take a day hike and fish the clear mountain streams of the Big Horn Mountains. It is common to catch 15-20 fish or more a day from these pristine mountain streams.
Survival Tip:Build or seek shelter:
Protect yourself from the rain, wind, and excessive sun. It may take several hours to build shelter and collect fuel wood, so do it early while you still have energy. It is important to be as comfortable as possible, but when it is daylight, make sure you are visible to searchers in helicopters or planes.
Until next time: Be Safe ~ Be Happy!!

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Auto Hobby Digest
AutoHobbyDigest brings you unique feature articles, auto tech and feature autos. Inside you'll find articles of general auto interest as well as a special on the 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Auto- HobbyDigest's long standing favorite: North Georgia's Antique Salvage Yards. . .

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Healthy Fish Keeping:
Site offers a wealth of information covering all aspects of fish health and fish keeping. There are comprehensive guides to fish disease diag- nosis and treatment, including movies and photos, as well as in-depth articles on water quality and filtration. There is even a dedicated koi health section for koi nuts. . .

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  • Marge, the reason we have elected officials is so we don't have to think! - Homer Simpson


Baby Bottle Information Center:
Site provides safety tips and answers to FAQ's for parents concerning baby bottle usage. . .

Exercise Danger Signs :
When you're pregnant, you need to exercise with care and listen closely to your body. It'll let you know when you're pushing it to work too hard and you're entering the danger zone. If your eyesight gets hazy in the middle of exercising, you may be dehydrated, which sends your blood pressure plummeting and your heart into overdrive. Consequently, not enough blood may be getting to your developing fetus's vital organs. You may also have preeclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure, fluid retention, and protein in the urine. Since preeclampsia can severely restrict the flow of blood to the placenta, it can be quite dangerous for the developing baby. Fainting is also a big concern. It could mean something as simple as dehydration, or as serious as major circulatory problems. You may not be getting enough oxygen to your brain, which means neither is your baby. If you have either of these symptoms, call your healthcare provider immediately.
NOTE: Always follow the advice of your Physician!

How to Take Your Baby's Temperature:
The most accurate way to find out your baby's temperature is to use a digital or glass (mercury) rectal thermometer. Pediatricians generally recommend digital thermometers because they are easy to read, fast (most give an accurate temperature reading in 30 seconds to two minutes), and less likely than glass to break. Both digital and glass thermometers are readily available in drugstores and are inexpensive (most are under $10).
NOTE! Always check with and follow the advice of your physician!!
Brought to you today by
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Linux Note: When downloading a linux .tar/ .gz or .rpm file, It is sometimes necessary to hold down the shift key while clicking on the file you want to download.

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Welshware is proud to present NoDelete FREEWARE V1.50 for Windows 95/98 as of 25th May 2000..
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There is no update download, any previous versions installed must be first uninstalled via Control-Panel/Add-Remove programs.

Folks, have ya ever booted up yer computer, and lo an' behold, things are all screwed up! Are ya wonderin'...who was on it, and maybe deleted important data, or application, or configuration files?! Well, these boys have the answer.....SNAPSHOT SPY! This program remains undetected-only YOU know it's there-and it's recording every dadblame thing that's beein' done on yer computer! The only thing this program don't give is ...Finger Prints of the guilty party! Give these folks time and they'll figure a way to git them too!
No kiddin' folks, this program really does everything it claims to do, and that's unusual in this CyberWorld.
Just look at some of the things possible:

  • Snapshot Spy can help curb this and many other problems!
Zone Labs, Inc.
Free Firewall - ZoneAlarm 2.1
Easy to use, Always-On Internet Security. Combining the safety of a dynamic firewall with total control over applications' Internet use, ZoneAlarm gives rock-solid protection against thieves and vandals. ZoneAlarm makes ironclad Internet security easy-to-use.DOWNLOAD NOW!

Gaby 1.9.7 Get this personal database for Linux.

  • Hammers, Screwdrivers, and Scissors: An I-Can-Do-It Book


Often, families have photographs of ancestors in military uniforms, but they are unable to identify which unit, or even which country, the ancestors fought for. If you have such pictures, there are several ways to identify the uniform and unit. Some of these are:

  • - Identify the insignia
  • - Identify the style and date of the uniform itself
  • - Identify the type and date of the photo
  • - Identify the medals or ribbons
If you need help identifying military uniforms, check out these sites:
The U.S. Army Military History Institute
The U.S. Air Force Museum
  • There is no such thing as government money, only taxpayer money.


Easy Rolls:
This recipe is like those in recent cookbooks that provide 500 ways to cook using only three or four ingredients. You get rolls with good flavor and texture, available in a snap without even requiring shaping. Note that if you don't have self-rising flour, you can use two cups all-purpose flour plus one teaspoon baking powder and one teaspoon salt. Makes 6 to 8.

  • 2 cups self-rising flour
  • 1-1/2 cups milk
  • 6 tablespoons mayonnaise
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease muffin cups or line with papers. Mix all ingredients together. Pour into muffin cups (2/3 full). Bake 20 minutes.

So until next time, REMEMBER:  The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory...
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